Dec 26

Final RUN to STATE

For more information about the final Florida CX races and complete event coverage go to

Make sure to check out the KILLER Cross Copter footage also, a K-Dog favorite!

Dec 18

State Championships

Florida State Championships

Sunday January 13th – 2013

Oct 18

There HERE………

Pre-Season races are occurring, practice sessions are in full swing all over the state.  Yes you got it right,  CROSS SEASON IS HERE !!! Dust off the cow bells, put on your best PAIN TRAIN FACE. Lets get ready to RUMBLE!

Current Flyers have been posted for Tropical CX Miami, TallyCross and Swamp Cross. SO PLAN YOUR ATTACK.

K-Dog is ready to Rock this CROSS SEASON, ARE YOU???

Sep 27

Cross Season is Just Around the Corner

Your perspective about cycling is about to change, are you ready? Cyclocross is the most dynamic and exciting bike racing to hit the sport of cycling since the invention of the mountain bike. Cross, as we call it, is currently the fastest growing cycling discipline due to its challenging and dynamic racing conditions. Cross is as hard as any adventure race, 10K or triathlon you have ever attempted. Cyclocross course’s provide varying terrain changes, off camber slopes, dismounts, and multiple twists and turns; all raced at near VO2 max on each lap. Yet this closed course set-up makes for safe, exciting racing full of camaraderie between you and the spectators. You will find is that Crossers are a raucous bunch who enjoys hard racing but also enjoys having a good time. So, if you looking for a new challenge and want to have an absolute blast racing your bike, Cyclocross is the race for you. Are you ready to BATTLE???


Aug 14

About the 2012 Cross Season. Bigger and Better!

A message from the promoters of The Florida Cyclocross Series presented by

In an effort to encourage you to consider racing Cyclocross next year we would like to take this opportunity to point out a few changes in the series and get you out to the races.

  • Later start times to reduce the hotel cost
  • Larger completive classes to encourage ‘RACING’ not grinding it out
  • Uniform Wave Classes throughout the series
  • Uniform entry fees with more Swag and useable award items
  • Food and Drink available at all races and sometimes FREE
  • Series Specs for every course for safety and quality racing
  • Non Points races for NEWBIES and Free Kids Races


The promoters in the series are doing everything possible to provide and great family oriented racing experience for you and your group. Cyclocross is the fastest growing cycling discipline due to its competitive nature and everyone can race it with all abilities of fitness.  Also look for an improved Community driven for all your Florida CROSS racing information, gear and event reviews, course preview videos, race videos and weekly BLOG entries from statewide Cyclocross fanatics.  It’s going to be an awesome CROSS year with anticipation of the WORLD CYCLOCROSS Championships in the USA next year, so get involved!

A special thanks to the following people for their support of the Florida Cyclocross Series this year:
Jason Guillen, Tim Hayes, Christian Henrich, Dan Millstead, Dario Perez, Biron Keifer,  Jim Smart, Chad Parker, JP Russo,  John Butler, Shaun Drees, Florida Racing Magazine, 352 and 66Fixed Heckle Squads, MIX1,  all the wives and volunteers  and Graham Partain for the killer videos.

Aug 08

2012 Florida Cyclocross Series Preview

New Project 1 from Graham Partain on Vimeo.